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A EDP Manager is looking after the EDP Department. EDP means Electronic Data Processing. Generally in all companies there is a department that looks after all the work of computers. Some companies call it as IT Department and Some companies call this department as E.D.P. Department. I am mentioning hereunder the roles of EDP Manager & EDP Department.

Roles of E.D.P. Manager

1. Looking after E.D.P. Department
2. Approval for New Systems in the Company.
3. Approval and Sanction for New Server requirements.
4. Managing duties of EDP Staff.
5. Planning for Networking in newly built departments.
6. Future requirements and contact between CEO and other department heads.
7. Co-ordination between all department.
8. Rate procurement with the suppliers of IT materials.
9. Responsible to implement new projects like SAP etc.

 Role of EDP Department 

1. A EDP department is responsible for all database management.
2. Networking planning / implementation is also the responsibility of EDP Department.
3. Installing new system, upgradation of systems in various department.
4. Securities like Anti Virus, Internet Security and responsible for firewall etc.
5. Daily backup management of all the data of company.
6. Restore the data for user whenever required.
7. Solve users problem at their sight or by other communication.
8. Managing Exchange Server.
9. Managing all server data like new reports creation and other timely reports.
10. Generally in some companies EDP Department also looks after payroll work as this is the confidential work.
11. Printing of reports on Line Printer through networking.
12. Fill the requirement of stationary, printer cartridge and all consumable.
13. Monthly backup of Tapes / External Hard Drives.
14. Creation of Original Software / systems list in the company.
15. Managing wireless network.
16. Photocopy machines, scanners, fax machines and PSC printers, laser printer, Dot Matrix Printer, Line printers all are come under the EDP Department.
17. Training to the user about new systems.
18. Repair and reinstall the old systems and if not possible in company then make returnable gate pass and send them to the vendor for repair.